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BIG TEN POWER RANKINGS: WEEK 4 - Black Heart Gold Pants

Big Ten play is in full swing, and look at that, Wisconsin might be for real? Michigan asserted its dominance, and Nebraska looks to be a sound football team.

We learn more and more about these teams each week, and that’s where the FRAUDS get exposed. ALSO: I noticed Minnesota fans to be more optimistic than usual on Twitter this week. I look forward to the Gilded Rodents losing to a shaky Penn State team in Minneapolis this weekend.

  1. Wisconsin (4-0, 1-0): I was confident the Badgers were going to get blanked going into Lansing this weekend, and look at that, Sconnie forced four turnovers and capitalized on all of them while keeping Sparty out of the end zone for the entire game. Michigan State couldn’t get anything going on the ground at all after running for 260 yards a week ago at Notre Dame. This Wisconsin team looks like a bunch of world-beaters, and if they can get through their next four games unscathed—at Michigan, vs. Ohio State, at Iowa and vs. Nebraska—that would be truly unprecedented.


Iowa flooding: Thousands evacuate Cedar Rapids -

(CNN) Thousands of Iowans are taking no chances in advance of what could be one of the worst floods in the state's history.

For days, the rising waters of rivers and creeks in eastern Iowa have forced more than 10,000 residents of Cedar Rapids, Iowa's second-largest city, out of their homes and businesses.
The flood, the worst Cedar Rapids has witnessed since 2008, comes on the heels of a fatal Wisconsin flood after heavy rains hit the area last week.


The country has to choose between Tweedledum or Tweedledum-er? Seriously? Houston, we have a problem....

Mike Thayer 2016By Mike Thayer

Ok, I watched the debate, did my patriotic duty, it sucked. Trump had his moments, Hillary had hers, but the bottom line is this country has two very poor candidates to choose from. Trump is the lesser of two evils and frankly, that kind of 'choice' just sucks. Choosing a third party candidate, although it may be a personal, feel good, core values win, is still a loss for the country. The country still loses because either Tweedledum or Tweedledum-er will be in office. This two party system is a problem and this country is in trouble.

5 Things: Iowa vs Northwestern | The Gazette

The Iowa football team might not have inspired a great deal of confidence in its fans and followers with a 14-7 win at Rutgers that felt more like a root canal than a football game. But no matter how it’s sliced, the Hawkeyes go into homecoming against Northwestern 3-1, and riding a three-year win streak against the Wildcats (1-3).

As both teams search for better footing and a clear path forward in the Big Ten with their showdown at Kinnick Stadium, here are 5 Things on Iowa vs Northwestern.

1. Cathedral of college football

“Looking to this week, obviously a tough trip to one of the cathedrals of college football out at Kinnick,” said Northwestern Coach Pat Fitzgerald. “It’s Iowa. They do what they do, and they do it very well.”

That was Fitzgerald on Monday during his weekly news conference — in his opening statement to media. The former Wildcat linebacker-turned-assistant-turned-head coach has either played or coached in Kinnick Stadium 10 times, so he’s pretty familiar with his surroundings when he’s in Iowa City.


Iowa city hit with evacuation as flooding worsens -

(CNN) Swollen rivers and creeks have prompted evacuations and curfews in parts of Iowa and Wisconsin as flooding threatens thousands of people with loss of property and possibly life.

The city most immediately threatened is Cedar Rapids in eastern Iowa, where more than 10,000 people have been evacuated from homes and businesses.
The city is preparing for the Cedar River to crest at 23 feet at 7 a.m. Tuesday and for it to hold that height for six hours, Greg Buelow, the public safety coordinator, told CNN.
Buelow said city employees and volunteers have tried to mitigate damage from flooding, but he warned that people were still under significant risk if they did not abandon the area.
"The temporary flood protection systems have held to this point; however, there are no guarantees with temporary flood protection measures of earthen berms, Hesco flood barriers and levees," Buelow said. "We are still strongly encouraging people to evacuate."


Iowa Hawkeyes Punter Ron Coluzzi named Big Ten Conference Special Teams Player of the Week - Black Heart Gold Pants

In a week where the Hawkeyes were barely able to squeak past a supposedly inferior Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team, it has been hard to come away with many positives. Josey Jewell looked good again and Desmond King had one of the best weeks of his career thus far on defense, while the running backs appeared to get back on track with over 160 yards on the ground and a touchdown.

As we’ve noted here at The Pants, however, Iowa punter Ron Coluzzi had a damn good game. We even went as far as to start hyping him up for a major award that recognizes the best player in the country?


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Iowa Hawkeyes Dropped out of the Coaches’ Poll, Remain Unranked by the AP - Black Heart Gold Pants

The latest AP and coaches polls were just released, and after another unimpressive performance against Rutgers, Iowa remains unranked by the AP and dropped out of the Coaches’ Top 25.

The Big Ten continues to have two top-four teams, with Ohio State coming in at No. 2 and Michigan at No. 4. Alabama retained its spot at No. 1 and Louisville remains No. 3.

Michigan State plummeted 9 spots to No. 17 after a 30-6 thumping by Wisconsin, while Bucky jumped 3 spots to No. 8. Nebraska moved to No. 15 to round out the Big Ten’s representation in the top-25.

Iowa still received 126 votes and 25 votes in the Coaches’ and AP Polls, respectively. So there’s that.