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The only way Romney gets to 1,144 delegates is if Gingrich and Paul quit

By Mike Thayer

The next Republican presidential primary state up for grabs is Wisconsin on April 3.  It's winner take all.

The latest polling data from Real Clear Politics, an outfit that averages out major polls, shows Mitt Romney ahead by 10.5 points.

Rick Santorum typically finishes better on voting day than what polling number suggest, but a 10.5 is a bit of an obstacle.

Helping matters, 'Etch A Sketch' Romney continues to make more mistakes on the campaign trail.

Mistake #1:  Romney himself has yet to campaign in the state prior to its April 3 primary, he's depending on campaign by proxy.  This plays right into Romney is out of touch arguments.

Mistake #2:  During a conference call that was conducted with Wisconsin residents - while Romney was in Texas -   Romney told a story about his father, George, who shut down an American Motors factory in Michigan in favor of shifting production to Wisconsin.  But the story didn't really have a point, it became about George Romney's run for governor, about campaigning.  And in today's economic climate, why would you bring up a my father closed factories story anyway?

"Now later he decided to run for governor of Michigan," Romney said during the call. "And so you can imagine that having closed the factory and moved all the production to Wisconsin was a very sensitive issue to him, for his campaign.”

Could Mitt Romney BE more about himself?  The implied line of thought?  Feel sorry for him, campaigning is sooooo tough, past decisions can haunt you!

With Romney making more gaffes, this primary race may get more interesting leading up to convention time.

Is Mitt Romney going to end up being the political version of the 1969 Chicago Cubs?


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Here is what the most senior and trusted conservatives in the country are saying:

It is a slightly different view, perhaps they did not get out of bed on the right side of the bed this morning?

This is 2008 all over again, McCain. It's McRomney's turn now!

Some people are just gullible as hell.

So Jean, if conservatives cannot trust; Jim DeMint, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Pat Toomey, Tom Coburn, Sandy Adams, Eric Cantor and Jason Chaffetz, who do you trust? Please tell me, inquiring minds would like to know just who these trusted conservative leaders are that you trust their judgment. Surely you will have some, but you need to weigh the quantity and quality of the endorsements.

The people that I have listed above are some of the MOST conservative legislators in our country. I certainly trust their judgment.

These are not the only people endorsing Romney, there are hundreds more and you can find them in the different categories below. I urge you to check them out, all of them. Certainly they are not all hard core conservatives, but there are many in that category. And they are not what you would call the "party establishment". Many of them like DeMint, Chaffetz, Adams and Rubio are TEA Party darlings.

Some people are so blind and closed minded, that they would sooner see Obama win re-election rather than look out the windshield and see the inevitable. I urge you to stop the advancement of the likelihood of Obama winning re-election. My grandchildren's future is dependent upon people coming to their senses in this election.

And now you can add my personal hero, Paul Ryan to the list of people endorsing Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan has taken a courageous lead in trying to stop the financial bleeding in this country. While I wish his latest budget proposal would have been even more conservative, he is not afraid to step up and take the lead.

For him to endorse Romney is just as huge as any of the conservatives that I listed above. Just what will it take for you people to pull your heads out of the sand?

Just what are you trying to do here jammer, persuade, or shove a "I'm right and you're wrong" attitude in peoples' faces?

Are you trying to demonstrate that your opinion is the only "valid" one, or are you trying to demonstrate that you know how to jump on the establishment bandwagon?

Well Sarah, for the last 2 months I have been trying to encourage people to see the inevitability of what the situation is and begin the fight against Obama. Please go back to my comments in January and you will see that I was very positive and encouraging about it and offered a lot of analytical reasons for it.

I was continuously attacked for my position and called all kinds of names. However, I maintained my position and have not wavered. I would imagine if I was sitting where you are with some of your vicious comments that you have made in the past and the hard-line position that you took, it probably does seem like I have an "I'm right and you're wrong attitude". But you know what? That is not from anything that I have said, it is all about the position that you took and what YOU SAID. Have a nice day Sarah (aka???)

From what I'm seeing, a lot of people just don't trust Romney. The polling indicates that too. He has flip flopped. He says and does things that are out of touch. He wasn't a strong governor. He is a Ken Doll. Voters don't want plastic man.

Romney Still Has 'Serious' Problem with Voters

Some people have their heads buried in the sand and some people like doug s. and JBS have their heads buried somewhere else. As long as there are "so called" conservatives that continue this vendetta against Romney, Obama's support will only increase. Why are there "so called" conservatives that work to help Obama?

I guess when these people will not listen to DeMint, Rubio, Paul Ryan and the endless list of conservative leaders, there is just not much hope. But I will just never understand what drives these people, it cannot be analytical reason.

Not analytical? Look in the mirror.

Just because people don't agree with your opinion, you think they're not conservative. You don't even consider the trust factor.

I don't trust Romney. I've looked at his record. I'm not convinced he's a conservative. My opinion differs from yours.

Is Romney better than Obama, yes, but that doesn't eliminate the trust factor, it's a lesser of two evils vote, same thing as 2008.

I don't like it. But yet you seem to have a problem with me and others that share my frustration. Looking for an alternative to what we disagree with in Romney is "wrong" according to you. Who the frick are you? Just another average Joe like me. So instead of analytically coming to the conclusion that this election season could very well provide the same result as 2008, you think you can frick'n preach to others. As if you're more informed than anybody else. People can draw different conclusions from the same intake of information. Did you know that?

No, you're like, I'm the problem, the possibility of Romney losing can't possibly be a situation of a flawed candidate, it's flawed should be supporters! Look, I see it as a likely loss for Republicans if Romney is the nominee.

That situation in the general election is Obama vs. Obama lite in my eyes.

I don't like it and I don't like your Romney talking point mantra. It's tunnel vision. You have the right to express it, but don't get your panties all up in your crack when I or others object to it.

The way I see it, you're the one with the head in the sand and you're not going to be able to say or do anything to change my opinion on that.

I don't trust Romney, that's the way it is. Will I vote for him in November. Yes, holding my nose.

Until then, this is still primary season. It's my duty as a voter to raise objections and extend support as I see fit.

I'll do the same with your pro-Romney propaganda, hold my nose.

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