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Glenn Beck throwing support behind Romney

At least he’s not a Commy

That slogan pretty much sums up how most non-Romney supporters feel now that they are pretty much forced to support him in the general election. Getting amped up to stand behind Romney has proven to be a challenge. Sure, he is a very good family man, strong morals, etc etc -- but it’s kinda hard to overlook the fact that he passed the precursor to Obamacare. Which is probably why they came up with the worst campaign slogan ever.


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The following is a copy and paste from one of the comments in the Glenn Beck article. It pretty much sums up my thoughts on this issue. The healthcare plan in Massachusetts is not something that I would personally like. However, the Constitution gave the various states the right to do what they want in these issues. I also have the right to not live in Massachusetts, which I have chosen to exercise.

The Massachusetts healthcare plan has NOTHING to do with Obamacare. While Obama may have chosen to copy from it, they are two completely separate issues. For people to say otherwise only show their total lack of understanding of our Constitution and the enumerated powers it gave to the federal government and how ALL other powers were left to the states.

------Copy from Glenn Beck article comments ----


I do not like the forced mandate in Massachusetts but there is a 10th Amendment which returns power back to the States and that is what Massachusetts wanted. I do not understand people like Glen who by mocking Romney in effect throws his support to Obama. By the time Glen is done with his nonsense it might be too late to stop Obama.

Romney believes in government-run health care. That's not a conservative stance. The tap dance about states rights and the Constitution is a straw man. A real conservative doesn't believe the government is a solution in providing for something that is an individual responsibility.

Why people like Jammer just don't get it that Romney is a big government guy is frustrating.

Romney lived in Massachusetts and was the Governor of a very (maybe the most) liberal state. Did Romney or did the people of Massachusetts want state run healthcare? I would be willing to guess that the driving force behind the healthcare program in Massachusetts was the very liberal population.

Just why would Romney make one of his biggest issues REPEALING Obamacare if he believed in government run healthcare? Well for anybody that reasons through the issues, they come to the conclusion that he does not believe in the federal government running healthcare. But then there are some idiots out there that really are not capable of reasoning. They have some other moron tell them something and they just accept it.

So that probably leads to the question, which came first - the moron or doug s.? And then of course, just how many of these morons are there in their own little world? I'm not sure. But it is pretty evident that doug s. will be the last one to come in out of the rain.

SDJammer is the official excuse maker for Mitt Romney.

I'll hold my nose in support, but do us all a favor and take off the rose colored glasses.

I make NO EXCUSES; I merely point out the facts and look at an issue from all sides. And as for holding your nose, please be careful as I know where you have had your nose along with the rest of your head.

Yes, another hold your nose election. SIGH.

JBS, did you hear Romney's speech today? Just what did he say that was different from any of Santorum's positions? None, that I heard.

It's amazing how some people are so easily duped by a candidate's talking points. It's about the record stupid.

It's hold the nose for sure.

Lukewarm for Romeny, yeah!

Well then Rose, how did you take all of Santorum's many votes over the years in support of unions and his constant endorsement of Arlen Specter over much more conservative Republican candidates? I hope you didn't fall for his talking points? Santorum had a very checkered conservative record while in office. It has only been his "talking points" that have been truly conservative.

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