Study: Obama's health care law would raise deficit
Rep. Allen West Says Up To 81 House Members Are Communists

How would you describe today's politicians?

By Mike Thayer

Let's face it, they're all characters.  How would you describe them?  Is Mitt Romney a Ken doll?  Is Barack Obama a puppet or a puppet master?  Does that make Joe Biden a clown?  Who qualifies as a weasel?

Tell us what you think, submit your descriptive comments today!  Describe any politician, your favorite, your least favorite (keep it clean, keep it pithy).


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Obama is a rat.

Very good Rose!!! Unfortunately, I cannot be as pithy as you.

I would say that Obama is simply the biggest threat this country has ever faced and that includes both World Wars and the Cold War. He and his progressive principles and policies have the capability to erode our Constitution and change this country forever. Once our freedoms are lost and capitalism is replaced with socialism, we will just be another Greece. November is extremely important. If Obama wins, your grandchildren will grow up in a socialist country.

Obama is a hyena.

Leave it up to Jammer to ignore the spirit and intent of this thread.

Leave it up to doug to demean and insult me. No surprise there.

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