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Local feminists organize a "SlutWalk" to protest what exactly, the right to wear push up bras?

By Mike Thayer

Believe it or not, the Iowa City DePressed Citizen thought a group of people wearing provocative clothing  going for a walk was news.

Apparently, there's a nationwide movement of "SlutWalks," based on the notion that there's a sexual double standard in play when it comes to how men and women choose to dress themselves. 

Gosh, you mean a woman wearing a pushup bra with exposed neckline and a tight short skirt is viewed differently than a man with an unbuttoned shirt gyrating on the dancefloor?  Who'da thunk?

Seriously, some of the people in this PC story want to be able to wear slutty looking clothing, and not be thought of as slutty.


And say, doesn't this "SlutWalk" thing happen everyday in the Ped Mall after 2am?

What a ridiculous *story*.

This "SlutWalk" accomplishes nothing.  This doesn't raise awareness, it doesn't redefine what slut means and it won't prevent sexual assault.  Anyone who thinks any of that has a screw loose.  Look, if you don't want to get attacked by bears when salmon fishing, either pack a gun or don't go salmon fishing.  If you don't want to cut your finger in the kitchen, then I would suggest you don't pursue a career as a chef.  If you dress like a slut, you're going to be thought of as a slut, that's just the way it is and yes, unfortunately your dress may attract something undesireable by deciding to dress like a slut.  Life is full of risks.  Being risque involves some risk.  No "SlutWalk" is going to change that reality.




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Bears make their decisions on what to attack based on animal instinct (usually a desire to find food or protect their families). Human decisions are largely based on reason thanks to our evolved superior intellect. I'm guessing this writer may not be familiar with (or even possess) the higher intellect typically required in human decision-making if this is the way he thinks the world works.

It's called a metaphor honey.....

I'm guessing the "A Facebook User" commenter may not be familiar with those.....

Personal attack instead of addressing the issue that the SlutWalk accomplishes nothing is noted.

I'm quite familiar sweetie... thank you though! A metaphor as a literary device is meant to be a comparison, and I was drawing attention to the flawed comparison by the author.

The author also makes a point of attacking all those involved in the SlutWalk by using the very charged word that they are attempting to reclaim. While it was unkind to insult his intelligence, it was very judgmental of him to assume that someone in the Ped Mall after 2am dressed a certain way does so knowingly and is therefore willingly submitting themselves to risk.

The metaphor was not flawed, it was on point. Metaphors are not to be taken as a literal meaning comparison. That you completely ignored the other metaphor because it didn't fit your little agenda is noted.

And what happens in the ped mall after 2am is reality, not judgemental or an insult.

Life has risk, deal with it. Denying it is a rather ignorant thing to do.

Got it?

My agenda not little; actually it is quite large: to help change our culture's definition of the word "slut."

Your noting of my failure to mention the other metaphor is noted. I was attempting to simplify my point by only mentioning one of them. Along the same lines, I argue that an aspiring chef would practice with dangerous cutlery to avoid injury, instead of giving up on the goal of becoming a chef.

I do not mean to ignore any risks. I wish to highlight that labeling this situation as a "risk" is a misnomer. "Risk" implies the CHANCE that something could go wrong. Any potential abuser has full control and choice over their actions.

My, you sure are putting a lot of time and effort into the reclaimation of the word 'slut.'

There are a lot of bigger fish to fry in this world.

It's too bad you've decided to waste your time this way.

"A Facebook User,"

You're joking right?

I appreciate that you have taken the time to share your views with a "Facebook User"! It really is too bad that I seemed to have wasted my time here... I wish you the best of luck in continuing to report on "The Real News!"

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