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John Archer: "It's about getting back to fundamentals"

By Mike Thayer

John_archer_for_congressCORALVILLE, IA. -- I had the opportunity to meet with John Archer yesterday.  We met at a local coffee shop and talked politics and the issues of the day for about 50 minutes.  An enjoyable and informative visit, here's a look into John Archer, the person and the candidate.

John is a Republican candidate for Iowa's 2nd Congressional District, he hopes to win the June 5th GOP primary and face off against liberal incumbent Dave Loebsack in the November general election.

Some background:  Archer lives in Bettendorf, Iowa with his wife, Andrea, and their two children.  He  has a B.A in Political Science and Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University and a law degree Southern Illinois University School of Law.  Adding to his cum laude credentials, John also has a MBA from the Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa.   John has been working the past 12 years for John Deere & Company and is a part owner of the Schebler Company, a Bettendorf based manufacturing company. Archer also serves on the Pleasant Valley School Board and the Bettendorf Family Museum Board of Directors. 

Check that out, that's quite a record already and we haven't even gotten into the issues yet.....   Archer is clearly a successful guy.  He has excelled at whatever he involves himself with, education, family, business, community.   

On the issues

Archer's top priorities are addressing government spending and creating a better environment for job creation

"It's about getting back to fundamentals," Archer said as he laid out his plan to curb over-reaching government and foster business growth.  

Archer supports a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would require a balanced budget in peacetime unless a three-fifths majority of both the House and Senate vote for a specific amount of deficit spending.

"We need to cap the growth of spending so that the size of government does not outstrip the size of the family budget," he said.

In addressing how businesses are afraid to make decisions because of Obama administration policies and the threat of higher taxes, Archer outlined, 1. allowing companies to repatriate their overseas income without a tax burden, 2. removing burdensome regulations that don't pass a cost/benefit analysis, 3. repeal the job-killing impact of ObamaCare.

"People want to do what they do best without government interference," stated Archer, who believes those three items will give American small and large business the incentive to begin reinvesting in jobs.

On taxes, Archer opposes raising income tax rates.

"I believe in the supply-side principle that was practiced by both Presidents Reagan and Kennedy that says; when taxes are too high, reducing those rates will actually bring in more money, not less.  High taxes stifle job growth and ultimately reduce government income.  The best way to grow federal tax collections is through economic growth, not tax increases," he said.

Later in the day, Archer held a meet and greet session with area voters at the Coralville Library, put on by the Johnson County Republican Women.  Archer talked about a variety of issues and addressed a range of voter comments, questions and concerns.

The issue of term limits came up, to which Archer responded in fundamental fashion, that our Founding Fathers warned against career politicians.  People with the desire to serve should do so, get some good things done and then return home to their communities.  He stressed that if he wasn't doing a good job, voters should do their job and vote him out of office.  With that he summed it up nicely while motioning to the audience, "You are my term limit."  That drew applause and head nods of approval.   

On the issue of energy, Archer conveyed a goal to have the U.S. energy dependent by the year 2020.  He wants to highlight that goal much like President Kennedy did with achieving the task of putting a man on the moon.  We can duplicate that kind of success he stated, in innovatively and efficiently developing our own sources of oil, coal, hydro, wind, solar, all opportunities. 

On health care, Archer talked about how ObamaCare is a very real threat to future freedoms.  He told the crowd the law is unconstitutional in his opinion and feels the Supreme Court will rule that way in late June.

John Archer has traveled to all 24 counties of the newly formed second congressional district and is making the rounds again.  As he seeks the Republican nomination for Congress, it's clear that he is deeply committed to getting us off the path America is currently on.

For more information about John Archer, check out his website at:  http://archerforcongress.com/


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