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The line Mitt Romney needs to fit in during the first Presidential debate

By Mike Thayer

"There you go again," is one of the all time great debate lines, delivered by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 debate against Jimmy Carter.

It set the tone, characterizing the conservative ideology vs. the liberal ideology.  The phrase disarmed Carter.

Mitt Romney has a chance to do the same, because the circumstances of today are very similar to what was taking place in 1980.  Mitt can set the tone and accurately frame out his ideology vs. Obama's with just five words.  The proper phrase can disarm the man who has been saying the same things over and over and over again since 2008.  

And while some of you might be thinking that I'm suggesting Mitt say something like, "There you go making excuses again," not quite.    Too copy-catish...

The standard but fatherly, "You're just full of excuses," would be perfect.

What one-liner would you suggest? 


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