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David Kimm Fesler Defines County Largesse: When county supervisors say they can't do their part-time jobs without a staff

Iowa City DePressed Citizen endorses more of the same inept leadership

By Mike Thayer

In the Our View write-up in today's hard copy of the Iowa City DePressed Citizen, the consensus of the DePressed Citizen editorial board has endorsed Johnson County Supervisors Pat Harney, Rod "F*** You" Sullivan and Terrance Neuzil.

I'll agree with them on one choice and that's Terrance Neuzil.  He's the lone voice on the board who has expressed some real concerns with the jail proposal, a ballot issue asking taxpayers to cough up $46.8 million.  I often disagree with Neuzil on a range of issues, but I respect him.  You know what you're getting with Neuzil, he's knowledgeable, consistent, he considers the bigger picture.

Pat Harney, he's by and large a moderate with no real swaying power.  He's a swing vote, not a leader.  It's time for him to go.  We need some fresh faces on the board.  Vote for Etheredge to replace him.

Rod "F*** You" Sullivan, he's a blowhard, a man always seeking the limelight, more interested in creating his own image rather than doing the right thing.  For a look at his record, click here.  The man does not deserve to sit in a supervisor chair, he does the county more harm than good in that role.   Vote for David Kimm Fesler to replace him.

If you read the DePressed Citizen's endorsement, they didn't write WHY they support these men.  Not one word!  The bulk of the endorsement outlines the questions the editorial board asked the incumbents, but no answers!  There's no summary of their stances, there's no highlight of incumbent records.  We're just supposed to take the DePressed Citizen's word for it?

That's absurd. 

It's like the DePressed Citizen is trying to manufacture a Vote For Three campaign, the intent being to keep any new faces off the board.

The REAL View:  The REAL choice for supervisor this election is to vote for just two:  Etheredge and Fesler.  



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