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John Archer Receives Jon Huntsman Endorsement

Governor Jon Huntsman: “John Archer understands what it takes to compete and win in an increasingly competitive global economy”

DAVENPORT, IA. --  John Archer, Iowa’s Second Congressional District Republican candidate, today received the endorsement of former Governor and Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman. 

“It is clear that the next Congress of the United States must be singularly focused on solving our nation's problems and helping to fire the engines of economic growth,” said Governor Huntsman. “Working at a great American business, Deere & Company, John Archer understands what it takes to compete and win in an increasingly competitive global economy. He's going to take the same lessons he learned working with Iowans in Ottumwa and beyond the second district that helped them to compete -- and win -- across the world, to Washington DC to help create an economic environment that will allow others to do the same.” 

“Elections are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. John Archer is running for Congress in order to help create an economic environment that rewards the American spirit of entrepreneurship while at the same time working to get government spending under control and tackling our debt crisis so that we can leave a better America for our children,” Huntsman concluded. “I am proud to endorse John Archer for Congress.” 

“I am honored to accept the endorsement of Governor Jon Huntsman. He has served both the State of Utah and the United States of America well,” Archer said. “I have a tremendous amount of respect for Governor Huntsman’s knowledge and experience with global competition and international trade. His endorsement strengthens my resolve to fight for new and expanded trade agreements so we can put more Iowan’s back to work.”


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