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Geico in Coralville to celebrate 15-year mark by hiring 100 employees | The Des Moines Register

In 1997 Coralville’s Geico Insurance office opened in a vacant space that once housed an Eagle grocery store.

The initial staff of roughly 40 sales representatives has since grown to more than 350 employees and with more than a decade under its belt, Geico’s Coralville center is on the brink of its most aggressive hiring push yet.


Water Level At Coralville Lake Much Lower Than Desired | KCRG-TV9

JOHNSON COUNTY, Iowa - Water levels at Coralville Lake continue to be a concern for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The lake is holding at about 2-3 feet below the normal average for this time of year.

"We're not in too bad of shape, but it's not what we want," said Chief Ranger Randy Haas. This is typically the time of year when the Corps tries to hold in as much water as possible at the reservoir, according to Haas.


Big Ten title game organizers expect empty seats - Yahoo! Sports

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Wisconsin and No. 14 Nebraska likely will play Saturday night's Big Ten title game in front of at least a few empty seats.

A little more than 24 hours before kickoff, thousands of tickets remained unsold and local organizers and Big Ten officials were already saying they didn't anticipate selling all of them.


Best Places to Be Born in 2013 | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

Though America may be the "land of opportunity," Switzerland will be the best place to be born in 2013 according to a quality-of-life index from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The EIU, a sister company to The Economist magazine, determines quality of life based on surveys of the population covering 11 factors including wealth, crime, family life, trust in government and the stability of the economy.


San Francisco Woman Apprehends Burglar with Bear Spray, Live-tweets the Incident | Work + Money - Yahoo! Shine

Sick and tired of a burglar stealing packages from homes in her neighborhood, a San Francisco woman took matters into her own hands on Tuesday, according to the Daily Mail.

Luring the thief with a dummy package, Sonya Yu sprayed him with bear repellent and threatened him with a wooden sword, chasing him away. Minutes later, the alleged burglar, Andy Anduha, 51, was apprehended by law enforcement.


Carrie Underwood to star in new "Sound of Music" broadcast - Yahoo! News

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Country singer Carrie Underwood will perform "My Favorite Things" and other tunes from the musical "The Sound of Music" when she portrays Maria von Trapp in a live broadcast of the perennial favorite, NBC television said on Friday.

In a production to be aired late next year, the five-time Grammy winner will star as the rebellious would-be nun who married Austrian Naval commander Georg von Trapp and fled the Nazis with him and his children. NBC did not say where the musical would be staged.


Union thugs have changed their target - takes eye off Walmart and puts it on fast food

By Mike Thayer

Have you noticed?  Unable to make any headway with Walmart after years of trying, union thugs have now started to focus on what they apparently think is an easier target.....  Fast food.

They're making the same arguments, the bogus lines of *living* wage and the class warfare stuff.

Union thugs, like ambulance chasing shyster lawyers, have convinced fast food workers in New York to start making demands for $15 an hour.

Any reasonable person knows what this is really about.  It's about the union looking for prey in the name of private-sector union survival.  This isn't truly about the people that work fast food, they're just a convenient target, people that can be *marketed* as victims.  The unions need bodies to survive and with their failure at getting their hooks into Walmart, they started looking for easier prey and found fast food.  

Anyone genuinely interested in seeing that people working in fast food get better pay and benefits would be helping that person either climb up the corporate ladder if they like what they do, or get a better job in another field.  They wouldn't force a company to do things the market can't bear.

Make no mistake, unions are about union preservation.  It's not about the people they supposedly represent, it's about the *union*.    Union organizations have become parasites.  Just take a look at GM, Chrysler, Hostess, the steel industry, the coal industry, the airline industry, and don't forget all the unsustainable government worker pensions and benefits......  Modern day unions have become counter-productive to a healthy company and/or a functional government.  The evidence is right there for everyone to see.

Maria Sharapova aims for No. 1 ranking; plays Milan exhibition - News | FOX Sports on MSN

Sharapova arrived in Milan to play an exhibition tournament on Saturday with another former No. 1, Ana Ivanovic. They will face Italians Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci in singles and doubles.

''Obviously, the goal is always to shoot for top spot and that's always where you want to be and stay,'' Sharapova said. ''It's one thing to reach the No. 1 ranking, another to keep it.''


Inside Dolly Parton’s Happy Marriage to Recluse Hubby | OMG Relationships - Yahoo! omg!

Country music icon Dolly Parton has been happily married for 46 years, but the world would never know it if she didn't say so. Despite having been with the same man, Carl Dean, since the couple first met back in 1964 at a laundromat, Parton's husband is almost never spotted in public. The singer/actress has previously said he simply stays out of the spotlight, and in a recent interview with Reuters, jokes about the fact that some fans have doubts there even is a Carl Dean.