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Republicans failed to fight back against the lies

Republicans: Who Watered Down Rice's Benghazi Talking Points? - Yahoo! News

Coralville Courier Sick of Spin Moment:  The arguments coming from the Democrats are more lies.  Look how the story keeps changing.  We're now to believe that Rice HAD to use unclassified talking points because she was appearing on TV?  That's nonsense.  Why even send Rice out to the Sunday talk shows at all then?  Why her?  We're also being fed a line that officials didn't want to disclose the attack at Benghazi as terrorist related because U.S. officials didn't want to alert al Qaida that we were onto them.  Again, then why even have Rice go on television at all?   Why her?   What the CIA is now feeding us and what the White House is trying to feed us just isn't the same.

Republicans on Sunday said they wanted to find out who removed language in the talking points given to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice that suggested al-Qaida may have been behind the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans on Sept. 11.

Former CIA Director David Petraeus’s testimony this week suggested the intelligence community knew the attack was linked to terrorism right away, but the talking points Rice was given were changed to exclude any mention of al-Qaida or other terrorism groups, lawmakers said.



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