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If you oppose government-run passenger rail, *representative* Dave Jacoby thinks you're stupid

By Mike Thayer

They're at it again folks, still trying to push the nonsense that is passenger rail.  Dave Jacoby thinks Iowans look stupid for not embracing taxpayer funded government-run passenger rail.  

We simply can't afford it Dave, but you support spending money we don't have, anyway.  So just who is being stupid?  And never mind the potential ridership numbers are being grossly inflated, the construction costs are being intentionally lowballed for marketing purposes and the annual  operational, maintenance and administrative costs aren't really even being talked about (shhhhhh) for fear of disapproval. 

National Debt on the books: $16.125 TRILLION and counting.

 State Debt on the books: $15.6 Billion and counting.

County Debt: Johnson County has a debt load of more than $22 million on the books....

City of North Liberty Debt:  City *leaders* have racked up a credit card bill of $11 million.

City of Iowa City Debt*:  City leaders (cough) have rung up $19.7 million in debt.

City of Coralville Debt*: City pseudo-leaders have piled up more than $209 million in debt (that's just the TIF debt, other debts drive the total to about ($280 million).


Iowans opposing government-run passenger rail are stupid?  No Dave, you, Tom Markus, Joe Bolkcom and Bob Dvorsky - all liberal-minded - are the stupid ones.

Jacoby's nonsense has me so fired up, it deserves a Sick of Spin video moment......



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