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Iowa City School District is asking for $100 million.... Do they deserve it?

By Mike Thayer, doing the job the local liberal media fails to do......

There's going to be a special election in February, with the Iowa City Community School District asking taxpayers to cough up $100 million.

Of course it's being marketed as for the children, but is it really?

Perception leads some of us to believe that pouring more money into our schools will lead to higher test scores.

Reality tells us that blindly pouring more money into our schools is the worst thing we can do.

Consider the following chart from Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute:


Despite *investing* millions of dollars in government-run schools, there's been NO improvement in student learning.

Throwing money at a preceived problem IS a problem, not a solution! 

Is this Iowa City Community School District request really about the children, or is it more of the same......  Going through the motions of a failed approach to learning?   Who/what is this money really for?

Percent change in public school employment

More money and staff does not yield smarter kids.  Voters need to scrutinize the school district's request for $100 million, that's A LOT of money.  And you have to question why this measure is being pushed so hard for a February vote.  What's the rush?   Where's the accountability for the money the district has already been given?



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