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PHOTOS: A crumbling Detroit… – Glenn Beck

Coralville Courier Editor's Note:  I'm watching MSNBC's Ed Schultz as  I write this, he's talking about Michigan and how that state's governor may sign a Right To Work bill into law.  Schultz is touting unions and casting fear with substance free progressive talking points.   Gosh, he's not mentioning Detroit at all, and how it looks right now as a direct result of union and Democrat *leadership*.

There’s nothing like Detroit, especially this time of year. They keep voting for liberal democrats and they keep remaining in dire economic straits. Elections have consequences and for Detroit those consequences include the city slowly but surely falling apart.

“The pictures of what is happening in Detroit are just phenomenal,” Glenn said this morning on radio. “It’s horrifying. This is an American city.”

“It looks like there was a plague. It was a progressive plague. Progressive policies that just killed everything.”



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