Democrat dog and pony show fails to provide new insight on Benghazi
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Hillary Clinton, Democrats don't care about Benghazi truth

By Mike Thayer

From the fake talking points from Susan Rice about a stupid  video being the cause behind four Americans being killed, to Hillary Clinton not knowing about who in her office read the important wire requests for added security, to how Democrats successfully got away with getting this issue off the election radar.......   The hearings taking place on the hill have been totally fruitless.  The purpose of the hearings was to determine what steps need to be taken in order to prevent Benghazi style attacks from taking place.  But how can you do that when Democrats don't want to be held accountable in any regard?   Not a single Democrat asked Hillary Rotten Clinton any tough questions.   When Republicans asked some who, what, where, when, why, how questions, Hillary tap danced, hemmed, hawwed, made excuses, even played dumb blonde.     We know NOTHING new about Benghazi.  Hillary Clinton has fed the American people a load of crap and the Democrats are without honor.  Irresponsible in their lack of action, they have provided the American people a dis-service.  Flip the parties on this, can you imagine the theatre?


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