Mike Thayer on Iowa City school district's *diversity* plan
Iowa City School District plan is a plan of parity, not excellence

The answer to better learning in our schools

By Mike Thayer

The school board is delusional in thinking their so-called *diversity* plan is going to benefit more students than it hurts.  What they're proposing is parity, a watering down of top achievement, it's not a real solution.  The answer to improved learning isn't shipping poor kids to rich kid schools.    The answer is getting rid of the programs that many people use as crutches when they're totally capable of walking on their own two feet.  Free/reduced lunch is a crutch for too many people.  Food stamps - a crutch;  Head Start - a crutch;  Subsidized housing - a crutch.  We need enter the elevator at the ground floor and hit the up button.  What the school board is proposing is to get on the elevator at the top floor and hit the down button.

Oh, and they also want $100 million in funding, that goes to a vote in February.


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