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The income tax no longer works in the 21 century

Proposed: Eliminate the income tax and implement a flat tax for 2014

By Mike Thayer

Every reasonable person KNOWS that the income tax is too big, too flawed, too complicated.  We have too many forms, too many rules.   Things are even too complicated for the accountants and tax attorneys hired because they supposedly know all the tax laws.  Heck, even the IRS doesn't even know all its own rules and the oversight of ObamaCare has further complicated matters.

Also complicating matters, the cowards in Washington who are afraid to tackle this issue.  They are more worried about their political career, than they are in doing the right thing.

PROPOSED:  Now ifs, ands, or buts, eliminate the income tax and implement a flat tax for 2014.  Screw the lobbyists, screw the special interest groups, screw the politicians lying to us about how this won't work.

No loopholes, no qualifiers, no refunds, no amendments, no nonsense, effective January 1, 2014, all people getting a paycheck will have 17 percent of their paycheck going to the federal government.


The government will budget that money accordingly, and if they want more *revenue* then they will do what it takes to get the economy humming, to generate more taxpayers.

This really isn't rocket science folks, it can be reality, it will work.  We just have to demand it.  People who say it won't work, are liars. 

Send this to your congressman and Senators.  Don't take 'No' for an answer.  They work for you, it's not the other way around.


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