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Pete Rose 'stupid' at latest news - Saturday April 6, 2013 - Upcoming

Pete Rose 'stupid',Pete Rose was known throughout his career for his hard-nosed style of play, so when it comes to unwritten rules, he’s not listening. Rose recently sat down for an interview with Grantland, and he touched on a number of topics, including baseball’s unwritten rules, which seem to come to light for various reasons each season.

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"no matter what he did off the field it's what he did on the field is what matters"

That's patently absurd on the face of it.

The fact that he bet on his team to WIN and lost all that money because the Big Red Machine tanked out for so many years is why his gambling even came to the surface. Charlie Hustle deserves recognition and any REAL BASEBALL FAN knows that. The steroid droppers are the ones that should NEVER see the HOF. Shoeless Joe got railroaded and should be in there as well. Stats alone during the series proves that point.

Bonds, rodriquez took performance enhancing drugs and are still considered for Hall of Fame. Why?? Rose didn't cheat. He simply played to win and he was one of the best who belongs in the Hall of Fame!

well whatever he did he still holds the records he made in the game at least he didnt do steroids ,and hard drugs like darrel strawberry did and whatever other crap other players did and they let em play on what pete rose did was mild compared to the stuff other players did,and he gets the shaft for it . mark mcguire outta be stripped of his home run record for what hes done and you all know who the others are,and what they've done END OF STORY!!!

You assholes that dont like Pete Rose are stupid. Pete should be in the hall of fame. I admired his style of plat like millions of others. If you dont like him kiss my ass!

Pete Rose always gave his very best in every game he played or managed. This is an example parents want their children and grandchildren to learn, not to cheat by using drugs.
Pete didn't need drugs to make him an outstanding
ballplayer. He used his God given talent to the best of his ability.
To my knowledge Pete hasn't admitted to gambling.
I think the powers to be in baseball disliked Pete for some reason and used a way to stick it to him.
It will be a disgrace for baseball if any players who have ever been found to use drugs get into the hall of fame. I'm sure Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Joe Dimaggio to name a few will roll over in there graves.

. . .here's a radical yet novel idea.....why do we play checkers ???!!

Hmmm...I think the word "Stupid" was actually used by Pete Rose in the interview when he talked about what happened. It isn't the writer calling him stupid! Wow!!

What is stupid is to let all the drug users get honors.betting on your own team is not a crime(in my eyes)..to win!He of all players should have been in the hall of fame..not stupid.the word is GREAT!

Hey Bob P.

"To my knowledge Pete hasn't admitted to gambling."

What rock are you living under?


He admitted to gambling on the game years ago.

And to all the Rose lovers, there's only one unbreakable rule in all of baseball. It's the no gambling on baseball rule. It's on a sign on every single clubhouse door and wall in every single major and minor league ball park. Every single player who has played the game since 1920 knows that it's the one rule you can't screw with because you get the death penalty from the sport. There's no gray area.

Pete was a great player. But his ego and his gambling problem figured that he was above it all. He wasn't. They will never let him in the Hall and that's how it should be.

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