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The carrot and the stick......Hitler and.... Obama?

By Mike Thayer

Hitler in concert with a cooperative media issuing propaganda, 1933:  If I give you jobs, some food and talk about improving Germany's global image will you support me (or at least not complain...)?  Would you be OK with getting rid of Germany's democratic government?

Obama today, in concert with a cooperative media issuing propaganda:  If I give you *free* birth control ('cause the jobs thing hasn't really worked), *free* health care ('cause the jobs thing hasn't really worked), food stamps and some extended unemployment benefits, will you support me (or at least not complain)?  Would you be OK with becoming anti-Constitutional? 

There are two ways to get a donkey to move.  One way is to hit it with a stick, the other is to dangle a carrot in front of its mouth.  At first, Hitler dangled a lot of carrots.......

  • He promised jobs
  • He used propaganda
  • He promised a transformed Germany
  • He manipulated education and German youth
  • He worked to control religion
  • He found a villain to blame all of Germany's ills on

Hitler convinced about 70 million people to go along with or at least not complain about his agenda.  And we all know that for people Hitler couldn't persuade, he got out the stick.

Obama, like Hitler, has used carrots.

  • He has promised jobs, or income replacement such as food stamps, extended jobless benefits
  • He has used propaganda
  • He has promised a transformed America
  • He is working to manipulate education and American youth (supports common core standards in our schools, and then there's....  and then there's.....  and who can forget MMMM, MMMM, MMMM....)
  • He has worked to control religion (supports the ACLU and their efforts to getting religion out of the public square, and then there's the forcing the Catholic Church to provide birth control thing)
  • He found a villain to blame all of America's ills on (the GOP, the Tea Party, conservatives)

Obama has convinced about half this nation to go along with or at least not complain about his agenda.  And for people Obama can't persuade, will he get out the stick?  Why do you think he's trying to take away our guns (Just like Hitler did)?



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