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Minnesota mall attack: Man shot dead after stabbing 8 people -

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: We clearly need to ban knives, after all, the Muslim zealot didn't stab people, the knife stabbed people.....

(CNN) A man wearing a private security company uniform stabbed eight people at a Minnesota mall before an off-duty police officer shot him dead, authorities said.

Seven of the wounded were treated and released, while one victim remains hospitalized.
None of their injuries are life-threatening, St. Cloud Police chief William B. Anderson said.
Witnesses said the man entered Crossroads Mall on Saturday night, made a reference to Allah and asked at least one person if they were Muslims before he attacked, police said in a statement.


Ford reveals self-driving cars, polite to pedestrians - LA Times

Of all the possibilities that might give pause concerning self-driving cars, here’s one you might not have considered: politeness.

At its test center in Dearborn, Mich. Monday, experimental white Ford Fusion sedans, their roofs bristling with sensors, drove themselves down curvy streets, obeyed stop signs and traffic lights, braked at the right times and made left-hand turns while a Ford driver sat at the wheel, never touching the controls.

At one point, a polite human being, waiting by the curb in the crosswalk, tried to wave the car through with a “no, you go first,” look on his face. The car,  programmed to stop for people in a crosswalk, didn’t know what to do. So it just sat there.

From a safety perspective, that was proper. But the pedestrian was confused, and the situation might have caused a lot of beeping horns from human drivers behind the car, had there been any.


Strong Oklahoma Earthquake Felt From Nebraska to Texas - ABC News

One of the largest earthquakes in Oklahoma rattled the Midwest on Saturday from Nebraska to North Texas, and likely will turn new attention to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground.

The United States Geological Survey said a 5.6 magnitude earthquake happened at 7:02 a.m. Saturday in north-central Oklahoma, a key energy-producing region. That matches a November 2011 quake in the same region. No major damage was immediately reported.

People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Fayetteville, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; and Norman, Oklahoma, all reported feeling the earthquake. Dallas TV station WFAA tweeted that the quake shook their studios, too.


Americans Still Think Mexico Should Help Pay for Illegal Immigration - Rasmussen Reports™

Americans are feeling friendlier toward Mexico these days but still think it should offset the cost to the United States of the illegal immigrants it’s sending our way. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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The survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on August 31 and September 1, 2016 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.


Hurricane Hermine hits Florida, weakens into tropical storm -

(CNN) Hurricane Hermine made landfall early Friday in Florida with a furious mix of rain, whistling winds and surging waves -- then weakened into a tropical storm as it wobbled toward Georgia.

Hermine, which had maximum sustained winds of 80 mph, was the first hurricane to come ashore in Florida since Wilma struck 11 years ago.


Southwest Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing - ABC News

A Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Orlando, Florida, was forced to make an emergency landing today in Pensacola, Florida, due to a "mechanical issue."

Photographs taken by passengers showed a large piece of one of the engines missing.

"We heard a loud boom at about 10,000 feet. Sounded like a 18 wheeler tire blowing and we started smelling smoke," passenger Stephanie Miller said.

Flight data showed that the plane descended from an altitude of 30,000 feet to 10,000 feet in just over eight minutes.

A spokesperson from the airline told ABC News that the plane, SW Flight 3472, suffered a "mechanical issue with the number one engine."


Jaycee Dugard loses court case against federal parole officials

A federal appeals court decided by a 2-1 vote Friday that Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped as a child and held by a parolee for 18 years, cannot hold federal parole officials liable for failing to supervise her abductor.

“Phillip Garrido, a parolee with a terrible history of drug-fueled sexual violence, committed unspeakable crimes against Jaycee Dugard for 18 years,” U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John B. Owens wrote. “State and federal authorities missed many opportunities to stop these tragic events.”

Dugard received a $20-million settlement from California and sued the federal government for similar compensation.

“While our hearts are with Ms. Dugard, the law is not,” Owens, an appointee of President Obama based in San Diego, wrote for the majority.

The panel said federal law and its intersection with California law prevented her from being compensated “for the incompetence of the parole office that was supposedly supervising Garrido.“


Even More Voters Now See America As A Divided Nation - Rasmussen Reports™

Voters don’t share President Obama’s upbeat assessment of the nation and strongly believe the United States is coming apart. Even the majority of his fellow Democrats share that gloomy assessment.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 72% of Likely U.S. Voters believe America is a more divided nation than it was four years ago. Clearly voters think things are getting worse because that’s up 11 points from the 61% who felt that way just before Election Day two years ago.

Only seven percent (7%) say the country is less divided than it was four years ago, while 19% think the level of division is about the same.


Bachelor on the Cheap: Reclaiming Furniture

Mike ThayerBy Mike Thayer

If you have a friend that's giving some items away, or you find something at a garage sale that's 'iffy', or you see something you like at a thrift store, take it!

20160812_182358 (2)Today's project. Reclaimed furniture. This used to be a glass top coffee table. The glass top shattered, and rather than shell out the bucks for tempered glass, I gave the metal frame a fresh coat of hammered black paint, put on a wood top and stained it. Total cost, $24.

A little imagination and a few bucks can turn something functional, into something that also looks really good!