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Third Undercover Video Purports to Show Planned Parenthood Director Standing Near Dead Fetuses Discussing Price ‘Per Item’ | Video |

A pro-life, medical ethics group has released a short documentary that features an ex-lab worker who claims that Planned Parenthood makes a profit off of aborted fetuses, and a doctor who allegedly “prices body parts ‘per item’” — the third video in an ongoing series of undercover films that have landed the abortion provider at the center of national controversy.

Most of the mini-documentary from the Center for Medical Progress focuses on ex-procurement technician and phlebotomist Holly O’Donnell, who described herself as “very passionate about people” and “humane,” revealing that she was stunned when she started a new job at biotech start-up StemExpress in 2012, and soon learned that she would be processing the remains of aborted fetuses.

“I thought I was going to be just drawing blood, not procuring tissue from aborted fetuses,” O’Donnell said in the clip.


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How Likely Is Justice Department Probe of Clinton’s E-mail? - Rasmussen Reports™

Two federal inspectors general have asked the U.S. Justice Department to open a criminal investigation into how then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton handled sensitive information on her private e-mail account. Most voters continue to have national security concerns about Clinton’s behavior but doubt that the federal government will do anything about it.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters think Clinton’s use of a private, non-government provider for her e-mail while serving as secretary of State raises serious national security concerns. Thirty percent (30%) disagree, while 17% are undecided.


Hillary Clinton Launches Global Warming Push, Then Gets Caught on Video in Conspicuous Act | Video |

Hours after Hillary Clinton delivered a speech Monday outlining how she would combat global warming as president, the Democratic presidential contender was caught on video boarding a private jet.

Video published to YouTube by conservative PAC America Uprising shows Clinton board a Dassault model Falcon 900B shortly after the event in Iowa, the Mail Online reported.


Farewells to Bobbi Kristina Brown flood social media -

(CNN)Like many young people, Bobbi Kristina Brown lived her life for the world to see on social media. Now, it's where she is being memorialized in death.

Brown, the only child of the late Whitney Houston and ex-husband Bobby Brown, died Sunday at the age of 22. Her death came nearly six months after she was found unresponsive and not breathing in the bathtub at her Roswell, Georgia, home on January 31. That incident occurred nearly three years to the day after her mother accidentally drowned in a bathtub in Beverly Hills.

Many of the online tributes linked her passing with that of her mother and focused on the pair being reunited in death.


Woman who died in cell mentioned previous suicide attempt - Yahoo News

DALLAS (AP) — A woman whose death in a Texas jail has raised suspicions about the official conclusion that she hanged herself told a guard during the booking process that she had tried to kill herself in the past, the sheriff said Wednesday.

Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith told The Associated Press that Sandra Bland told a jailer about the previous suicide attempt sometime after her arrest on July 10.

Bland provided the information while being asked a series of questions posed to each person booked into the jail in Hempstead, about 60 miles northwest of Houston, the sheriff said.


Seattle sees fallout from $15 minimum wage, as other cities follow suit | Fox News

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage law is supposed to lift workers out of poverty and move them off public assistance. But there may be a hitch in the plan.

Evidence is surfacing that some workers are asking their bosses for fewer hours as their wages rise – in a bid to keep overall income down so they don’t lose public subsidies for things like food, child care and rent.

Full Life Care, a home nursing nonprofit, told KIRO-TV in Seattle that several workers want to work less.

“If they cut down their hours to stay on those subsidies because the $15 per hour minimum wage didn’t actually help get them out of poverty, all you’ve done is put a burden on the business and given false hope to a lot of people,” said Jason Rantz, host of the Jason Rantz show on 97.3 KIRO-FM.

The twist is just one apparent side effect of the controversial -- yet trendsetting -- minimum wage law in Seattle, which is being copied in several other cities despite concerns over prices rising and businesses struggling to keep up.


Abortion giant 'hung by their own noose'

In the space of seven days, The Center for Medical Progress has released two undercover videos showing two different top officials with Planned Parenthood discussing the peddling of tissue and organs from aborted babies.

The first video – released last week – caught Planned Parenthood's senior director of medical services describing how abortionists manipulate the unborn child during an abortion in such a way that vital organs aren't crushed or damaged so those organs can be sold.

In the second video (below), released on Tuesday, Dr. Mary Gatter – identified as president of the Planned Parenthood Directors' Council – haggles over prices for baby parts, at one point even alluding to prices needing to be higher because "I want a Lamborghini."


Conservative news anchor’s message to Obama goes viral | Trending Now - Yahoo News

A conservative news anchor has some words for President Obama. Tomi Lahren, an anchor at One American News Network, slammed President Obama on his “half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be-friendly-to-jihadis mentality.”

Following the news of the deadly shooting in Chattanooga, Tenn., Lahren used the “Final Thoughts” section of her show to unleash a passionate rant on the president’s fight against terrorism.

“President Obama, if you won’t say it, I will — radical Islam. This is not workplace violence; this is not a criminal act with motives unknown — this is terrorism,” Lehren says in the video. “What he linked to ISIS or al-Qaida or Hamas, or any of the other 15-plus offshoot terrorist groups? Does it matter? I’m sorry, but radical Islam is becoming the rule, not the exception. Yesterday’s moderate is today’s terrorist. I care that this S.O.B. killed four of our United States Marines. And I care that our commander-in-chief is more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these Marines.”