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Truck rams crowd during Mardi Gras parade; many injured -

(CNN) One man is in custody after an accident at a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans injured at least 28 people, five seriously, officials said.

Police Chief Michael Harrison said the suspect, who was driving a pickup truck that hit two cars before running into the crowd, appeared to be highly intoxicated. Among the injured, the youngest is 3 and the oldest are in their 40s.
None of the injuries was life-threatening, officials said.


One winning ticket sold for $435M Powerball jackpot in Lafayette, Indiana

LOUISVILLE — The winning ticket for Wednesday's Powerball drawing, which was worth an estimated $435 million, was sold at a gas station in Lafayette, Ind., a Hoosier Lottery spokesman said early Thursday morning.

Dennis Roseboro, director of public relations for Hoosier Lottery, said he couldn't release many details but confirmed that the ticket was sold in the Central Indiana city, located about 175 miles north of Louisville and about 62 miles northwest of Indianapolis.


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Oroville Dam evacuations: Residents near California dam system ordered out -

(CNN) At least 188,000 people have evacuated from several Northern California counties after damage to a spillway at the Oroville Dam.

The dam, which is the nation's tallest, remains intact. But the emergency spillway, which guards against the overflow of the dam when water levels are high, was eroding Sunday.


Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, predicts 6 more weeks of winter

Punxsutawney Phil made his famous weather prediction Thursday morning, emerging from his burrow to see his shadow.

That means, according to Groundhog Day tradition, the U.S. will brave another six weeks of winter.

The groundhog, emerging from a sleep, squealed as he was pulled from his burrow about 7:15 a.m. He was hoisted into the air and placed on a stump before his official prognostication was made.


Amazon’s Alexa started ordering people dollhouses after hearing its name on TV - The Verge

Children ordering (accidentally or otherwise) items from gadgets is nothing new. Major retailers have refunded purchases made by children playing with phones or computers, and with voice activated devices making their way into homes, it’s a problem that parents will have to be on the lookout for.

One recent instance occurred in Dallas, Texas earlier this week, when a six-year-old asked her family’s new Amazon Echo “can you play dollhouse with me and get me a dollhouse?” The device readily complied, ordering a KidKraft Sparkle mansion dollhouse, in addition to “four pounds of sugar cookies.” The parents quickly realized what had happened and have since added a code for purchases. They have also donated the dollhouse a local children’s hospital.

The story could have stopped there, had it not ended up on a local morning show on San Diego’s CW6 News. At the end of the story, Anchor Jim Patton remarked: “I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse,’” According to CW6 News, Echo owners who were watching the broadcast found that the remark triggered orders on their own devices.


Assange: Some leaks may have been Russian | TheHill

On Sean Hannity’s radio show, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said that hacked Democratic documents sent to reporters at Gawker and The Hill may have come from Russia. But, he said, he is confident the emails he received did not come from the same source. 

The Hill and other outlets received documents from a hacker or hackers calling itself “Guccifer 2.0.” Guccifer 2.0 also posted separate documents on its own site. Assange denied knowing Guccifer 2.0 on Hannity's show Thursday.

“Our source is not the Russian government,” said Assange, later claiming WikiLeaks did not receive its material from any state actor, Russia or otherwise. 


Buzz Aldrin all smiles after medical evacuation from South Pole

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was evacuated Thursday from the South Pole for medical reasons, officials said.

Aldrin, 86, piloted the first lunar landing module to reach the surface of the moon in 1969. He followed Neil Armstrong out the door and into history.

The tour company White Desert issued a statement Thursday saying Aldrin was visiting the South Pole with other tourists when "his condition deteriorated." The company said Aldrin was flown with a physician to the McMurdo research station on Ross Island in Antarctica and from there to New Zealand.

Aldrin was in stable condition, the statement said.


Cyber Monday becomes next big target for shoppers |

USA TODAY - After a four-day holiday weekend shopping frenzy, consumers have their sights set on the next discount shopping target — Cyber Monday.

Some 122 million Americans are expected to take to their computers, smartphones or other devices to scoop up bargains, up by 1 million from a year ago, the National Retail Federation forecasts.


Cyber Monday becomes next big target for shoppers

After the Black Friday frenzy, consumers already have set their sights set on the next discount shopping target — Cyber Monday.

The possibility that Cyber Monday, in which promotions move online, could garner Black Friday-like attention is driven by a couple of big factors. One is consumers' insatiable appetite for cool electronics, as evidenced by how they sought out the latest digital products on Black Friday. The other is the move by traditional retailers like Walmart and Target intent on seeing more of their more sales coming from the Internet. They are hoping to take back more market share from Amazon and other online sellers.

Jenah Marsh of Covina, Calif., was fairly unimpressed with the deals she was finding Friday as she shopped with friend Tammy Frame of Thousand Oaks, Calif., at The Oaks Shopping Center. But the prospect of Cyber Monday had her brimming with optimism.

“Cyber Monday — it’s going to be really good,” Marsh said.