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This Is What Happened When a Heckler Told Amy Schumer to Show Him Her ''Tits'' | E! News

Amy Schumer is not about to let some derogatory heckler ruin her night.

Such was the case in Stockholm, Sweden, on Wednesday when a man interrupted the middle of her show by yelling, "Show us your tits!"

Without hesitation, Schumer responded, "OK, wait. I want the guy who just yelled that to come up here. It's too good. Everybody point at him so I know which one."

The crowd obliged and soon we found out he was wearing a shirt that read, "I love p---y." Classy.

When he explained to the comedienne that he does sales for a living, Amy continued heckling him right back, "Sales. How's that workin' out? Is it going well? 'Cause we're not buying it."


Bernie Sanders is going on Saturday Night Live with Larry David – Metro

Bernie Sanders has the Millennial voter base excited. Now, he will get a chance to prove himself to them where it counts: in the arsenal of late-night comedy.

The Democratic presidential candidate will appear in an interview with Larry David, on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," the New York Times reported on Friday. David has impersonated Sanders in the show: