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The most powerful, telling statement from Rush Limbaugh - EVER

"The Republican establishment is prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton if it means holding onto their fiefdoms. The Republican Party is prepared, if Ted Cruz gets the nomination, to not care whether he wins or loses. In fact, if Ted Cruz is the nominee and loses the general, the party will be happy. They'll be able to blame the loss on conservatives and conservatism and be done -- once and for all -- with conservatism in the party." - Rush Limbaugh

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Trump isn't going to fix a damn thing in Washington

So Trump is going to "fix" things huh? Let's see..... failed mortgage business, failed liquor business, failed magazine business, failed airline business, failed casino businesses, failed travel agency business, failed sports franchise, multiple bankruptcies, sucking off the government teat, abusing eminent domain rules, throwing money at problems thinking they'll go away, greasing wheels, playing both sides of an issue...... That doesn't sound like "fixing" things at all, sounds like much more of the same to me. ~ Mike Thayer

People running government are doing damage to the country

"The American people these last seven years have seen that the current crop of people running this government are in the process of destroying it and doing, perhaps, uncorrectable damage to the country. They have been voting for years, believing promises that have been made by both parties. People get elected, the promises are ignored." - Rush Limbaugh

Johnson County Board of Supervisors asked the wrong question

Instead of asking area businesses and city councils, "What can we do to help people get out of minimum wage jobs?" - the all-democrat board of supervisors has forced - not worked WITH, but forced - the issue of falsely inflating wages on area communities and businesses.  Is that good government, or heavy-handed government?  ~ Mike Thayer