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Enemies of Prosperity

"Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels, baby butchers, a candidate who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, sexual predators, pedophiles, illegals, Sharia Muslims, Marxists. That's the Democrat Party today. That's who votes for them; that's who the Democrats defend." - Rush Limbaugh

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Government isn't the fix-all, cure-all officials always claim it to be, it's not even close, in fact, it's the opposite

Johnson County Supervisors and Iowa City Council members are pushing the need for a program to deal with "More affordable housing" and another program to provide financial assistance for home improvements........  Ladies and gentlemen, those are statements of government failure, not accomplishment.  The area has an unemployment rate of under 3% and the largest employer is state government?  Why then, is there a need for affordable housing and home improvement programs?  It's apparent, government isn't delivering on its promises.



~ Mike Thayer

Ladies, give your man some space - literally

Ladies, if you have a man in your life (sharing a home, specifically), it's important that your man has a place there they can totally call their own, be it a man cave, the garage, a work shop.... a man domain, no flowers, no potpurri, no, "Why did you put that there?" or, "I thought this would look nice in here." You can have all the other rooms pretty much the way you like it. Just let the guy have one area to do as he pleases, without question. ~ Mike Thayer

Of all the problems we face, this is the dominant issue - transgender bathrooms?

"Do you ever ask yourself why in the world and who in the world decided to pick up an issue -- transgender bathrooms -- that affects one-tenth of 1% of the population and make it a cause celebre and make it a dominating cultural issue and make it an issue that they use to illustrate how, in their minds, America sucks,  America discriminates, America's unfair, America is prejudiced, America is biased?" - Rush Limbaugh

The most powerful, telling statement from Rush Limbaugh - EVER

"The Republican establishment is prepared to vote for Hillary Clinton if it means holding onto their fiefdoms. The Republican Party is prepared, if Ted Cruz gets the nomination, to not care whether he wins or loses. In fact, if Ted Cruz is the nominee and loses the general, the party will be happy. They'll be able to blame the loss on conservatives and conservatism and be done -- once and for all -- with conservatism in the party." - Rush Limbaugh

Trump isn't going to fix a damn thing in Washington

So Trump is going to "fix" things huh? Let's see..... failed mortgage business, failed liquor business, failed magazine business, failed airline business, failed casino businesses, failed travel agency business, failed sports franchise, multiple bankruptcies, sucking off the government teat, abusing eminent domain rules, throwing money at problems thinking they'll go away, greasing wheels, playing both sides of an issue...... That doesn't sound like "fixing" things at all, sounds like much more of the same to me. ~ Mike Thayer