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Snow Storm Takes Aim on Iowa |

DES MOINES, Iowa — The snow stopped falling late Friday night into early Saturday morning following our first winter storm of the season.

More than a foot of snow fell in parts of northern Iowa. Four to eight inches of snow fell across most of Central Iowa with higher amounts along and north of Highway 20. Click here for the latest snowfall totals.

Road crews worked through the night to clear roadways. Late last night the Iowa Department of Transportation said that travel was not advised for the Des Moines-area and much of Central Iowa. As of Saturday morning, most roads are partially to mostly snow covered according to the DOT. Travel is still not advised along several stretches of roads in Central Iowa.

Cold temperatures will continue through the weekend with warmer temperatures on the way for the work week.


Iowa DOT shows off new vehicle to help stranded motorists | KCRG-TV9

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Just in time for the start of winter driving season, the Iowa Department of Transportation has expanded a program that will help those involved in crashes on the state’s roadways.

The Highway Helper program, which has been in the Des Moines metro area since 1995, involves a vehicle equipped with a variety of features to assist stranded motorists and move disabled vehicles.


Iowa Rep. Steve King endorses Cruz for president - CBS News

Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign was bolstered in Iowa on Monday morning when Rep. Steve King endorsed him - calling Cruz "the answer to my prayers" and predicted God would use the constitutional conservative to "restore the soul of America."

"We have a nation to save and it is important that we get to that here in Iowa," King said in describing Cruz as the "full package."

King, the extremely conservative seventh-term congressman, has met all 17 candidates: "I like them. I enjoy them. I appreciate them. I respect them," he said of the field at a press conference in Des Moines. He was quick to add that any of the "extraordinarily talented" GOP candidates would "clearly" be a better choice for president than Hillary Clinton.

King, a prominent social conservative, emphasized Cruz's ability to draw in the conservative Christian voters who make up 57 percent of Iowa caucus-goers.

King has also been a staunch opponent of comprehensive immigration reform, and he said he wanted a president who would a build a fence to secure the southern border, opposes amnesty and eliminate sanctuary cities.


Branstad talks about possibility of Syrian refugees in Iowa | Local News - KCCI Home

DES MOINES, Iowa —Gov. Terry Branstad talked Monday about the possibility of allowing Syrian refugees to settle in Iowa.

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On Monday morning, Branstad said he was keeping his options open.

The move came after governors across the country started to oppose relocating Syrian refugees in their states.  By Monday afternoon, 16 states had announced they would not accept Syrian refugees.

"So, this situation is very serious. The ISIS threat, I think, is growing and is very dangerous throughout the free world and it's something we have all got to take very seriously. I'm going to do all I can, asking the federal government to coordinate and work with us," said Branstad.

Monday afternoon, Branstad ordered all state agencies to halt any work on Syrian refugee resettlement immediately in order to ensure the security and safety of Iowans.


Priorities for Iowa launches Website, ad campaign highlighting Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy

Group launches two 30-second ads and

(DES MOINES) - Priorities for Iowa, Inc., a nonpartisan 501(c)4 focused on policy research and education, today launched two new web ads and a website, The two web ads focus on the important issues of the wage gap between men and women, and income equality, while calling attention to Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy – or Hillpocrisy – on the issues.






“Iowans want a president who understands the issues facing them and their families, but Hillary Clinton’s record shows she paid women 28 percent less than their male coworkers,” said Jimmy Centers of Priorities for Iowa. “Hillary Clinton can’t possibly understand the issues facing Iowans when the average Iowa family would have to work 12,943 hours just to make what Hillary did in one, single day.”

Today, Priorities for Iowa will launch paid advertising to ensure Iowans are educated on these important issues as Hillary Clinton and the Democrats seeking their party’s nomination for president make their way to Iowa for a debate Saturday in Des Moines at Drake University.

To learn more, please visit



Wage Gap

Hillary Clinton is running this ad: Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy is disappointing because while she was in the U.S. Senate, Hillary Clinton only paid women 72 cents for each dollar she paid men.

Hillary Clinton paid women 72 cents for each dollar she paid men. – Story

  • Given the fact above, that means women are paid 28% less than their male colleagues.
    • Thus, women would have to work 28% longer each day to earn the same amount as males.
    • The average working day is 8 hours. 28% of 8 hours is 2 hours and 14 minutes.
    • That means a woman in Hillary’s U.S. Senate Office would need to work over 2  extra hours each and every day to earn the same amount as her male colleagues.

Income Equality 

Hillary Clinton is running this ad: The hypocritical nature of this ad is troubling given that Hillary Clinton made $325,000 in a single day when the average Iowa household earns $52,229 a year, according to Census data. The average Iowan would have to work nearly 13,000 hours to make what Hillary Clinton makes in one day.

Hillary Clinton earned $325,000 for a Cisco speech in August 2014 – Washington Post

  •  Median Iowa Household income – $52,229 Source: Census Bureau
  • At $52,229 a year, assuming a 5 day work week, the average Iowa household makes $200.88 a day. (52,229/52 weeks a year = $1,004.40/week. 1004.40/5 days = $200.88 per day. 200.88 a day/ 8 hours in a day = $25.11/hr
    • Assuming 1 shift = an 8 hour day
  •  325,000/200.88 = 1,617.88 shifts | 325,000/25.11 = 12,943.05 hours

Strong storm system targeting Iowa, entire Midwest | Weather - KCCI Home

DES MOINES, Iowa —A strong storm system is targeting Iowa and the Midwest on Wednesday.

National Weather Service forecasters said storms will roll across Iowa at times throughout the day Wednesday. The chance for storms at this point is 90 percent during the day and 80 percent at night.

Storms will carry a slight chance of severe weather especially for the central and southern counties in the afternoon.  Forecasters said damaging winds and even tornadoes are possible.


Are you and your car ready for Iowa winter? | Weather - KCCI Home

DES MOINES, Iowa —With the recent mild temperatures, snow might be the furthest thing from your mind. But then again, this is Iowa, and winter weather could show up anytime.

The National Weather Service compiled a few checklists to make sure you’re winter-ready on the road.


Iowa sees need for apprenticeships in more fields | The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — From plumbing and electrician shops to software and application developers, employers across the state are in need of a talented workforce.

So a growing number of those business owners are turning to apprenticeship programs to find skilled workers or train their existing staff new skills.


Iowa producers hit by bird flu get the all-clear | The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — All 72 commercial Iowa poultry producers hit by the bird flu earlier this year are clear to restock their farms, state and federal agriculture officials announced Friday.

During a conference call with reporters, Iowa Agriculture Secretary Bill Northey said both biosecurity measures and surveillance have been intensified to guard against another outbreak this fall.


Group: Iowa board is limiting public comments on pipeline | KCRG-TV9

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A group that opposes an oil pipeline across Iowa says the regulatory board overseeing its potential approval is limiting public comments on the project.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement says the Iowa Utilities Board will only hear comments from roughly 200 people when it holds a public hearing on Nov. 12 in Boone.