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Iowa Indian Burial Site Possibility Stalls Oil Pipeline - ABC News

The possibility of an American Indian burial site in northwest Iowa may require relocation of a crude oil pipeline route and delay the beginning of construction in Iowa, the only one of four states where work hasn't begun.

The Dakota Access pipeline passes through the Big Sioux Wildlife Management area in Lyon County, traditional homeland for the Dakota Sioux where Standing Rock Sioux Tribal leaders say there is a burial site.

"The site has been identified by the tribe as of historical and cultural significance with associated burial activity," said State Archaeologist John Doershuk.

Under Iowa law, Doershuk must now study the area to determine whether it is more than 150 years old. If so, it is considered ancient burial grounds and he is obligated under Iowa law to protect it from disturbance.


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Sale of Iowa Fertilizer plant, $8 billion merger called off

The sale of a large fertilizer plant in southeast Iowa will no longer go through after two fertilizer companies called off an $8 billion deal.

CF Industries and OCI N.V. announced Monday they are canceling their deal, which involved Illinois-based CF Industries purchasing the North American and European operations of Netherlands-based OCI.


Quartet of Iowa Democrats vie for chance to upset Grassley | The Gazette

DES MOINES — They have varied professional and political backgrounds, and 23 years separate the oldest and youngest among them.

But Tom Fiegen, Rob Hogg, Patty Judge and Bob Krause have one thing in common — they want to end Chuck Grassley’s 36-year tenure in the U.S. Senate.


Iowa jobless rate rises slightly in April | The Gazette

Iowa’s unemployment rate edged up to 3.9 percent in April from 3.8 percent in March despite the fact that employers are seeking qualified job applicants.

The number of unemployed Iowans rose to 66,100 last month from 65,500 in March, according to Iowa Workforce Development. The current estimate is 3,800 higher than 62,300 in April 2015.


Iowa Dept. of Health Aims to Reduce Teen Drinking |

DES MOINES, Iowa -- With High school proms and graduation commencing, May is one of the worst months for underage drinking across the country. The Iowa Department of Health will work all week to curb that trend.

National Prevention Week, is an opportunity to raise awareness about underage drinking, emphasize healthy choices, and encourage each other to make a meaningful difference in our own lives, our children’s lives, and our community.


Iowa films could make comeback despite scandal | Local News - KCCI Home

CORALVILLE COURIER EDITOR'S NOTE: Have elected officials in Des Moines not learned anything? Are they so arrogant to think history won't repeat itself with another ignorant repeat in bad judgement? Never mind that this isn't a proper role of government. Government isn't supposed to play favorites, to determine winners and losers in any industry. Government isn't supposed to *award* taxpayer money and/or tax breaks under the guise of development. Government isn't supposed to play banker, real estate developer or entrepreneur. Those are roles that belong in the free market.  And shame on KCCI for crafting an article like this, casting a positive note, instead of challenging the government......  You know, what journalists are supposed to do, keep government in check....  There shouldn't BE a *comeback* and it seems KCCI didn't even bother to ask a very fundamental question, "Why are you doing this?"

Scandal tainted Iowa’s filmmaking industry in 2011 when filmmakers Wendy Runge, Matthias Saunders and Chase Brandau were found guilty of increasing movie budgets by millions of dollars to profit from tax credits offered by the state.

Gilman said she believes that is all in the past.

"Filmmaking is alive and well in Iowa,” she said. “We launched Produce Iowa, the state office of media production, three years ago. It's been a lot of fun seeing the growth of Iowa film here."

Gilman said while few blockbuster films are shot in Iowa, there are plenty of other ways Iowa is getting on the movie map.


Bakken pipeline firm wants May 17 construction start in Iowa

The owner of the planned Bakken oil pipeline says it is still trying to negotiate voluntary easements with Iowa land owners as it pushes for regulatory approvals to begin construction as soon as next week through 18 Iowa counties.

Dakota Access LLC of Dallas, Texas, announced Tuesday it has secured easements on 95 percent of land parcels on its overall 1,170-mile pipeline route through four states. This includes 100 percent of the properties in North Dakota and South Dakota and 98 percent in Illinois. Iowa stands at 87 percent, the company said.