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Biden to enter presidential race so he can give Hillary a pardon?

By Mike Thayer

The notion was brought up today on the Rush Limbaugh show by guest host Mark Steyn.

Think about it.  Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation, what she did with her private email server and classified information was a HUGE no-no.  Her arrogance was seriously reckless.  The story has legs.  She screwed up, BIG time.

So don't be surprised to learn that Biden isn't getting into the race simply because Hillary's poll numbers are slipping.  He's getting into the race to save party face. 

He announces, Hillary *gracefully* exits making Biden the heir apparent and should he win the presidency, the charges of what crimes Hillary is facing will come out and so will the pardon.

Video: Satanists support Planned Parenthood by drenching women with milk - National Policy & Issues |

Protests at abortion clinics often attract some of the craziest people. That seemed to be the case this weekend when Satanists launched a counter-protest against pro-life demonstrators outside Planned Parenthood facilities in Detroit and Ferndale, Michigan, the Washington Examiner reported Sunday. According to the report, corroborated with a video, Satan worshipers made their feelings known by drenching two women with milk.


Full Stomach Paves Way To Romance In Women

According to a new study, it has been revealed that i is difficult for a woman to focus on romance on an empty stomach. The study says that when women are hungry, their primary focus is always to procure ways of getting food.

In order to reach the findings, the researchers from the University of California, San Diego observed the brain circuitry of around 20 women who participated in the study between the ages of 18 to 25. All the woman had a normal weight, the women were put in an MRI machine after they had fasted for around eight hours. They were then showed various images which included pictures of objects like stapler, car, a bowling ball along with images of heterosexual couples sharing romantic moments like holding hands, embracing.

The same routine was performed after the women were fed a nutritional shake rich in calories and proteins. The study then found out that there was more brain activity on seeing the romantic pictures after the women were properly fed.


Play Tetris to reduce cravings for drugs, food and sex | The Indian Express

Playing a tile-matching puzzle video game for as little as three minutes at a stretch can weaken cravings for drugs, food, sex and sleeping by approximately one-fifth, claims a study.

During the study, participants were prompted to play the video game called Tetris at random intervals during the day and were monitored for levels of craving.

The researchers found that playing Tetris interfered with desires not only for food, but also for drugs, including cigarettes, alcohol and coffee, and sex.

The benefits of playing the block-shifting puzzle game remained constant over the seven-day study period.


An Oral History of the Indoor Rainforest Iowa Almost Built

If people had just listened to Ted Townsend, heir to the Frank-O-Matic automatic sausage-linking machine fortune, one of the manmade wonders of the world would be in Coralville, Iowa (Pop. 20K). Picture this:

A glass dome a sixth of a mile long and 20 stories tall buffers a lush canopy against the windswept winters. Beneath it free-roaming bonobos, toucans, sloths, and piranha, shanghaied from the jungles of Central and South America, form a free-wheeling menagerie among ferns and vines and hundred-foot-tall-trees reaching towards the expansive sky.

That is what Townsend wanted, what some big thinkers back east wanted, and what the U.S. Senate thought might be crazy enough to work. But as his decade-long effort to realize his dream stalled out, Townsend sunk his money and his reputation into ground better suited to corn than orchids. But failure doesn’t make the effort less interesting or meaningful. The Iowa rainforest project attracted top architects, federal lobbyists, and local scorn. Derided as an extravagant pork-spending project, it was intended to give the state a landmark while helping researchers study vanishing ecosystems. Instead, the state wound up with a new hotel, some outlet stores, and — remarkably — a small city in the middle of a economic resurgence.

This is the story of the doomed rainforest project, told by people who fought over that ultimate white elephant.

Read on via


Nanny State of the Week: Despite menu nannies, Americans are still fat -

American businesses have been required to spend billions of dollars over the past few years to comply with federal regulations requiring calorie information on all menus.

Despite all that effort, Americans are still fat and getting fatter.

California, in 2008, became the first state to pass mandatory menu labeling laws. Like many nanny state ideas that begin on our left coast, other states began to follow the example. In 2010, as part of the Affordable Care Act, Congress made calorie labeling mandatory for all chain restaurants with at least 20 locations, though businesses were given until 2014 to comply with the new mandate.


Nanny State of the Week: Florida county sends environmental specialist to investigate BBQ -

NO BBQ FOR YOU: The smell of barbecue has landed one Florida man in trouble with his local authorities, who reportedly sent an “environmental specialist” to inspect his grill and then ordered him to contain the smell to his own property


Bakery owner fined $135,000 for refusing to bake wedding cake for same-sex couple shares his story | Glenn Beck

Remember the Oregon couple that was fined $135,000 for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding? It became one of many iconic stories in the past year that showed the progressive war on religious freedom taking place in America. In the wake of the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, many fear these attacks on freedom of conscience will only escalate. Stu and Pat talked to Aaron Klein, one of the owners of the bakery, on radio this morning about the latest on this story.



Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches Are Now…. RACIST?

With so many sensitive “politically correct” problems now, we’re now living in a society where even FOOD can be deemed racist. I’m not kidding!

Principal Verenice Guiterrez, who certainly voted for Obama, runs the Harvey Scott School (K-8) in Portland, Oregon. And she has made an announcement that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist!

Why? Because, as Principal Guiterrez explained, this effort effort was made to, “improve education for students of color.” She noted that some students – such as those from Mexico or Somalia – haven’t eaten bread in their culture. Instead, they eat pitas, tortas, and other bread substitutes.

Therefore, the serving of delicious PB&Js is a brazen display of white privilege. The Principal wants to cancel out this supposed racial privilege and “change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.”

How is this possible? Food can’t make racial comments… And a sandwich can’t even watch The Dukes of Hazzard. It is two slices of bread, with your favorite jelly and crunchy or creamy peanut butter. Most children think they are delicious, and I bet you probably still eat them.


Judge orders cancellation of Redskins trademark registration - Washington Times

A U.S. District Court judge handed the Washington Redskins its greatest loss yet in a legal battle over the team’s trademarks.

Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ruled in favor of five Native Americans who argued the Redskins trademarks were derogatory. He found that the six trademarks at issue “consisted of matter that ‘may disparage’ a substantial composite of Native Americans.”

The cancellations of the six trademarks won’t take effect until the NFL team has exhausted all of its options in the federal appeals process, which could take the case to the Supreme Court. The ruling does not prevent the team from using the designs at issue.