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UI goat watch: Still on the lam

Six days after he bolted from the University of Iowa's Research Park, the Richard Kimble of barnyard animals — William the Goat, as he's been nicknamed — remains at large, with law enforcement reporting a couple of near apprehensions.

One veterinary science expert, meanwhile, said Thursday that goats can survive for long periods of time in the wild, possibly even years, meaning the escapee could be well-equipped to fend for himself.

Coralville Police Chief Barry Bedford said while his officers are not actively searching for the research goat, they have been responding to reported sightings. Bedford said the goat — named William by his department on the "Wanted" poster it's circulated on social media — has evaded capture at least twice this week.


New University of Iowa frat house hinges on city parking waiver | The Gazette

IOWA CITY — An 85-year-old, 21-bedroom house originally used by a University of Iowa fraternity but later converted to an assisted living facility could revert to its roots if Iowa City staffers exempt it from updated parking standards.

The 6,500-square-foot property that sits adjacent other fraternity houses at 716 North Dubuque St. provides just two actual parking spaces — with potential for up to four vehicles, according to Sarah Walz, assistant transportation planner for Iowa City.


University of Iowa faculty to hold ‘inclusive teach-in' | The Gazette

IOWA CITY — The tough issue of racism on campus has taken center stage on college campuses across the country of late. This has most recently showed up at the University of Missouri and Yale University, but earlier this year there were controversies involving racial sensitivity at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University.