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Iowa City Police serve warrants connected to recent shooting incidents

On Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020, at approximately 9 a.m., the Iowa City Police Department, with the assistance of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, served search warrants at three Iowa City residences. The warrants were served in connection to recent shooting incidents in Iowa City. Due to the high-risk nature of warrants involving weapons, the Iowa City Metro Special Response Team and the Johnson County Special Emergency Response Team served the three warrants at the following addresses:

  • 1316 Dover St.
  • 219 S. Riverside Court.
  • 2021 Taylor Dr.

The warrants were served without incident and this is an on-going active investigation. No further information regarding potential criminal charges or items seized will be released at this time.

Recycling program updates

Clamshell plastic containers are shown.

The City of Iowa City offers recycling programs via curbside collection and drop-off locations in Iowa City, with a wide variety of materials accepted for recycling. Over a period of time, programs can require change for various reasons, some due to market availability, industry changes, or consumer activity. 

Here is a list of program updates or changes: 

  • Plastics bottles and jugs associated with food and beverages can be recycled via curbside collection or drop-off locations. 
    • Items not accepted in recycling: 
      • Plastic bags, film, wrap
      • Styrofoam
      • Clamshell plastic containers, usually #1 and #5 (pictured above)
        • The pandemic has caused a significant increase in the use of clamshells by consumers, which negatively impacts the quality of materials processed by plastic recycling companies. Pre-pandemic quantities of clamshell plastics were processable because they were a low percentage of the overall plastic mix with no significant impact on the recycled plastic purity.
        • Clamshell plastics cannot be recycled, but they can be reused. This holiday season, reuse them for holiday cookie deliveries or to store meal leftovers.
        • You can continue to recycle clean fiber/paper-based clamshells. Those with food contamination can be composted!
  • Alkaline batteries can now be recycled (in addition to all other single-use and rechargeable batteries) at the Iowa City Landfill’s Hazardous Material Collection Facility and at Iowa City Fire Station #2 West. For more info, visit
  • Hardcover books can now be recycled at the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center (bin located in electronics recycling bay). 
  • Holiday light strands can now be recycled at several locations in Iowa City and Coralville through January 10, 2021. For a full list, visit
  • Hazardous material such as cleaners, aerosols, paint, auto fluids, batteries, sharps, and other chemicals can be properly disposed of at the Hazardous Material Collection Facility which established regular open hours earlier this year. Johnson County residents can dispose of hazardous material at no cost on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Businesses and non-profits, please call 319-887-6160 for more information.
  • Landfill Bans: These items are not allowed to be landfilled, and must be properly recycled and handled through programs offered by the City of Iowa City:

    • Yard waste
    • Cardboard
    • Computer and TV monitors
    • Tires
    • Appliances
    • Lead acid batteries
    • Oil

For updated information on accepted materials and guides, including the Curbside Recycling Guide, visit

Community Connection: 'Tis the Season events adapt to accommodate social distancing and limited capacities

Community Connection: 'Tis the Season

Community Connection is a video series that highlights the different people and organizations in our community. Each episode, Mayor Bruce Teague interviews guests about a variety of issues that are important to our residents.

Even though the holiday season is going to look and feel different this year, that doesn't mean the pandemic will put a stop to traditions. Betsy Potter, Director of Creative Service at Iowa City Downtown District, explains how their ‘Tis the Season events are being altered to create a safer environment for people to enjoy some holiday cheer.

You can watch previous Community Connection episodes on City Channel 4's YouTube page.

ICPL to host K-6 tutoring via Zoom

Zoom Tutoring

Sign up for a 20-minute tutoring slot for your K-6 child with a pre-service teacher volunteer from the University of Iowa Elementary Education program. This volunteer will meet your student in a library-hosted Zoom space and offer support and guidance to your K-6 student with homework, listen while your student practices reading aloud, or help instruct them in concepts your student is having trouble understanding.

Sign up here on the ICPL's Events page: Your automated confirmation email will contain the Zoom link for this program. You are also encouraged to send a copy of the materials your child will be working on to These materials will be emailed to the tutor ahead of time so they can look at them along with your child.

This program will be offered December 7, 11, 14, and 18 - sign up for one or more dates!

Police Department Offers Holiday Crime Prevention Tips

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The Cedar Rapids Police Department would like to remind citizens of a few crime prevention tips this holiday season.  These crime prevention tips are part of the department’s ongoing commitment to keeping our community safe for those who live, work, or visit our city. 

There will be many people shopping over the next several days and weeks.  Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.  Don't leave a building or your vehicle until you have ensured all is secure and safe. Take 60 seconds to drive around those parking lots and look for anything out of the ordinary or suspicious before you pull into the closest parking space.

Trust your instincts- if you feel uncomfortable with a place or person, leave the area immediately.  If something looks suspicious to you, that’s because it probably is.  Please call the Police Department immediately to report suspicious activity.  

Park your vehicle in a well-lit area and always lock your vehicle. Thefts are typically a crime of opportunity as thieves are looking for an easy target and anything you can do to deter them from choosing your car, the better.  Minimize the number of valuables left in your vehicle and keep valuables, electronics (including cell phones and CDs), gifts and other items that may tempt a thief stored out of sight.

Protect your purse or wallet at all times. Never carry large amounts of cash or extra credit cards. Carry only those cards or cash that you will need to use that day. Crime prevention experts recommend that shoppers get out of the habit of even carrying a purse and recommend carrying only what you absolutely need to shop such as identification, credit cards, checkbook, or cash.  These items can fit into a pocket.  Never leave your purse, wallet or cell phone unattended in a public place, including in the shopping cart inside the store.

Don't overburden yourself with packages while shopping.  If possible, shop with a friend so that you can look out for one another.  Talk to your children about what should happen and what they should do in the event you are separated from them.

Have your keys out and ready as you approach your vehicle. Do not leave your car unattended with the motor running or with the keys in the ignition; not even for the very short time needed to do a quick errand or pay for fuel.

Only make online purchases from trusted, secure websites.  Track your purchases and arrange for them to be picked up by a neighbor or delivered to your workplace if you are not going to be home when the items are expected to be delivered so that they aren’t outside your door all day.  Consider leaving a note for the delivery service to place your package in an inconspicuous location or go online and sign up to make special delivery requests.




At home, make sure that all doors and windows are kept locked.  Ensure that dark areas and entrances have outdoor lights that are turned on after dark or that are activated by sensors.  Place gifts where they can't be seen from the outside.   Never open your door to strangers.  Legitimate delivery people will be able to show identification.  Scams continue to happen.  Never give out personal information (Social Security number, date of birth, bank or credit card information) to strangers by phone, online, or in person.  Keep in mind—the Cedar Rapids Police Department is not calling and asking for donations. 

If traveling, use timers for lights while you're away. Ask a trusted friend or neighbor to watch your home. Remember to make arrangements for mail and newspapers.

Be careful leaving boxes from new electronics and other valuables out on the curb for garbage pickup.  This practice may actually announce to a potential thief that you just received new items. Break the boxes down and dispose of them inside the proper recycling or trash container.

When driving, give other drivers plenty of space and always leave yourself an out to avoid a crash.  If you attend parties where alcohol is served, remember to use a designated driver.  Minimize distractions such as talking or texting on a cell phone.  Always wear your seat belts.

Give yourself extra time for travel, especially during periods of inclement weather.  Even in dry conditions, traffic during the holidays is heavier than normal, and it will take longer than you expect to get around.

After the holidays, pay close attention to bills and immediately report any unauthorized charges.  Photograph new items and record their serial numbers.

For more crime prevention information, visit our website at or Facebook at

Friends Helping Friends Foundation “Every Cat Deserves a Mat” Fundraiser Provides Pet Beds for 150 Local Shelter Animals

Every Cat Deserves a Mat - Photograph 2CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The Friends Helping Friends Foundation’s “Every Cat Deserves a Mat” fundraiser will be providing Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control with 150 pet beds for the cats and kittens at the shelter.  The pet beds will be delivered to the shelter on Friday afternoon,

According to Diane Webber, retired Program Manager at Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control and a member of the Friends Helping Friends Board of Directors, “Fleece cat beds (or mats) are very comfortable and warm, and cats enjoy snuggling into them.  So this year, Friends Helping Friends Foundation of Cedar Rapids partnered with The Dostal House, a local organization of women supporting and encouraging other women in business, to fund and collect materials to make the mats.   JOANN Fabrics and Crafts chipped in as well with a discount given on the polar fleece and thread to make the mats.  Vicki Thompson, a thoughtful, cat-loving volunteer, cut and sewed each new mat together so all the beds could be donated to the shelter just in time for the holiday season.”

The polar fleece is durable, soft and easy to wash.  It also comes in a variety of fun, playful and colorful patterns to brighten up the temporary cat caging at the Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control shelter, giving the shelter a more inviting environment to encourage pet adoptions.   The shelter can house over 150 cats, and the laundry machine is continuously running throughout the day. These durable mats provided through this fundraiser will last about a year.

For more information about Friends Helping Friends Foundation of Cedar Rapids, to get involved, or donate online, visit

About Friends Helping Friends Foundation of Cedar Rapids

The Friends Helping Friends Foundation is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and expanding the programs and activities of Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control. The Foundation organizes and executes strategic fundraising events with the hopes of reaching, education, and engaging the community to ensure the welfare of pets and animals in Cedar Rapids. 

Visit the Friends Helping Friends Foundation of Cedar Rapids website for more information on getting involved and donating to the cause.

About Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control

The shelter is located 7241Washington View Parkway SW on the Kirkwood College Campus directly behind Washington Hall.  You can view a list of the many wonderful pets available for adoption by visiting our PetFinder website at  Shelter hours are Monday-Saturday, Noon to 5:00 p.m.   The shelter can be reached by calling (319) 286-5993.

Today's Weather Outlook for the Corridor

Today's weather forecast and a four day outlook.  Check this page for the latest weather reports in the corridor area.  Up-to-date weather conditions for the Iowa City area are observed at the Iowa City, Iowa City Municipal Airport, IA.  For weather conditions specific to other cities outside the corridor area, just type in your zip code below.

Coralville, Iowa, weather forecast

Type in your zip code for your weatherecast




Organizations can apply for CDBG funding to help with COVID-19 relief

Iowa CityThe City of Iowa City is now accepting applications from organizations for public service projects serving low- and moderate-income residents that prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Applications are due by noon on Monday, Dec. 14, 2020, and can be submitted online at

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) has notified the City of Iowa City that they will receive an allocation of CDBG-CV (Community Development Block Grant) funding to be used specifically for a community response to COVID-19. 

Approximately $300,000 is available to eligible projects within the city of Iowa City.

Neighborhood Services is now accepting applications from qualified agencies to aid in the prevention of, preparation for, and response to COVID-19. All applications must serve primarily low-moderate income residents, be an eligible public service activity, and comply with the federal CDBG requirements. The agency must serve or address one of the following activities:

  • Homeless prevention and services
  • Child care services
  • Mental health services
  • Food assistance

The CDBG-CV Program Application Guide and Application can be found online at

Upon request, staff will email or mail application materials.

Questions about these grants, or the funding process, should be directed to Neighborhood Services staff at 319-356-5121, or emailed to

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Traffic Alert - Benton Street

IOWA CITY -- Iowa CityWeather permitting, on Thursday, December 3, 2020, Benton Street will be reduced to one lane of alternating traffic near its intersection with Greenwood Drive to facilitate work on overhead electrical lines in the area.  Flaggers will be on site directing traffic through the area.  It is anticipated normal traffic will resume by the end of the day.

Motorists are to take note of this work and allow extra travel time as delays may occur.  As always, caution should be exercised when driving through all construction areas.

For updated information on road construction in Iowa City, visit