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Rettig not focused on job, attends 'bike summit' in Des Moines

By Mike Thayer

Janelle_rettig_biohazard Last week she cried foul over the Joint Emergency Communications Center (JECC) budget.  Calling its budget 'fat' in the local papers, here's what Rettig wrote on her Twitter account on January 25th: 

Very disturbed by the Joint Communications fiscal irresponsibility - up 28 percent this year in this economy. What?
6:05 PM Jan 25th from txt

So what does she do?  She throws bombs on the JECC policy board about a fat budget and a lack of communication on their end (her 28% figure is EXTREMELY misleading........  And then travels to Des Moines to attend a bike summit.  A bike summit....  What? 

We've got a muli-million dollar JECC, unresolved operations management issues (payroll/benefits) supervisors trashing the JECC policy board about the budget supervisors themselves OK'd but didn't comply with, taxpayers left extremely confused......  And what does Janelle Rettig do?  Go to Des Moines to talk about the 'need' for more bike trails.

In this economy?  What?

Here's some of her tweets from the bike summit she attended last week:

At the Iowa Bike Summit shaking my head at how the Gov's Budget includes no money for trails. How much do we subsidize roads?
8:08 AM Jan 29th from txt

Paved shoulders increase road life and are good for bicycles. More shoulders please.
9:40 AM Jan 29th from txt

How about a 100 year bike plan? It is time to think big.
9:46 AM Jan 30th from txt

All of those Rettig tweets, all her comments require money (your money) and lots of it.  Is Rettig oblivious to the current state of the state?  The state is in the red, there are budget cuts, furloughs and layoffs everywhere you look, and Rettig wants to spend more of your hard-earned money on wants (bike trails) not needs (public safety). 

Think big picture Rettig, now is NOT the time to be worried about bike trails.  Now is the time to be focused on your job and cleaning up the communications boondoggle that is the JECC.  Why hasn't the payroll/benefits package to dispatchers been ironed out yet?  Why did the board of supervisors pull the rug out from under the policy board by giving the OK to a 77 cent levy and now all of a sudden the board says it was 68 cents?  Now is the time to quit issuing bogus claims about the budget and start properly informing taxpayers on what's really going on with that facility.  In other words Rettig - DO YOUR JOB!   Where is your intellectual honesty?  Right now, the way I see it, you're not earning your $51K+ taxpayer funded salary, of which you're about to vote yes on for a pay raise.


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