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Buffalo Wild Wings: Good food, less than stellar service

By Filiz Thayer

Meeting some friends at the Coralville Buffalo Wild Wings on a Saturday night, the popular eatery delivered good eats to the table - something they do consistently.

The service however, left a little to be desired.  I don't know if we just had a waitress who was having an off night or what, but the most routine things just weren't taking place.  We had to request drink refills instead of the waitress noticing the need.  Food orders weren't given to the appropriate person, menus were left to occupy the table, we had to ask for silverware and our dirty food baskets weren't cleared until we asked them to be.  Sure, it was busy, but our waitress failed to be attentive, she didn't appear to be new either, she certainly didn't have that working for a good tip initiative.  

The food made up for the lack of service.  As always, the wings, the salad, the onions rings, the nachos enjoyed by a table of eight was very good.  On this night the food gets four stars, the service gets three and since I don't give out half stars, that means the overall score for Buffalo Wild Wings on this outing was three stars.

The wings at Buffalo Wild Wings can be enjoyed at:

2500 Corridor Way # 1
Coralville, IA 52241-7603
(319) 338-9464

Update, 01/27/2011:  The Managing Partner of the Coralville Buffalo Wild Wings sent me both an email and a hard copy letter in response to my recent visit to his establishment.  His correspondence was very nice, here's a snippet.

"What you experienced is not what I want my guests to experience when they are here.  My team and I try and pride ourselves on not only serving great food, but being great in how we serve that food."

Some restaurant managers/management would have gotten defensive in response to a food review and blown it off.  Not this guy.  His response is the stuff of a caring, knowlegeable person who wants only the best for his restaurant and the people who frequent it.  His name is Jamey Heal and I'm confident that our next visit to the Coralville Buffalo Wild Wings will be one where the food is excellent (as always) - and the service will exceed expectations.   


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