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The last time the Johnson County Republican Central Committee helped get a Republican elected to county office

Questions to ask John Etheredge, candidate for Johnson County Supervisor

By Mike Thayer

I extended an invitation to John Etheredge to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk politics, he turned me down.

OK, the guy is busy with his campaign, I get that,  but too busy to convey his message to the conservative and independent readers of the Coralville Courier?   In a county were the Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1, he is in a position to turn down an opportunity to reach people?  Hmmmm.....

Here are a few questions I would have asked John, you may want to consider asking him some of these yourself if you have a chance to meet with him before election day, March 5.

  1. John, you're relying on the Johnson County Republican Central Committee for political advice and to help run your campaign.  Their track record for getting someone elected is terrible, failing to get a Republican into some kind of county office since the 1980's.   Did you look for a better 'coach'?
  2. On your campaign website you say you're interested in getting Johnson County out of debt.  What is that debt amount and how would you accomplish that?
  3. Have you reviewed the Johnson County budget?
  4. You say you'd like to see Johnson County become more attractive and friendly  to small business.  How is the environment unfriendly now and what would you do to change it?
  5. Making Johnson County a safer place to live is also mentioned on your campaign website, can you provide an example of safety concerns and your corrective plan of action?
  6. Long term county liabilities and their funding is a concern, what are those projects and what do you propose county management do to ensure adequate funding?
  7. If Johnson County is the second highest taxed county in Iowa, how do you propose we lower those taxes and what programs would be cut?
  8. If you get elected to the supervisor seat, the makeup of the board would be four Democrats to one Republican.  How do you plan to forge alliances with at least two other supervisors to get your agenda accomplished or at the very least, on the table? 

I'll be forwarding these questions to John, it will be interesting to see his responses.  I'm hopeful he'll do so.


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Did Ethridge answer the questions yet?

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