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A Bachelor on the Cheap Shopping Tip Alert: Father's Day Gift Shopping Deal at Sam's Club

BBQ Grilling Gift Set
Available at Sam's Club

By Mike Thayer


I wrote earlier today about Father's Day coming up and recommended gifting something with a grilling theme. 

Ladies and gents, Father's Day is approaching. If you're considering getting a husband/dad/boyfriend a grilled themed gift (a VERY wise choice by the way) then consider the following: Grilling Tip #9: Do NOT use a fork of any kind to grill! Forks pierce the meat, letting those juices sizzle down into the charcoal and once those juices are gone, they’re gone, leaving you with the same situation as tip #8 - eating a dry piece of meat lacking great flavor. Avoid grill crime.
Do NOT buy a grilling tool set that has a fork in it. And stay away from wooden handled ones, the varnish eventually wears off and can flake off on the food. Go with silicone handle sets.

Here's a perfect deal with that in mind!

Sam's Club has a BBQ Grilling Gift Set that normally retails for $39.98, for just $9.91!   Fork NOT included, which is a very smart thing.

This is a steal of a deal that includes BBQ sauce, a veggie roaster seasoning blend, pink Himalayan salt with grinder, two spice rubs, a basting brush, meat claws (pulled pork anyone?), metal tongs and a cutting board!  This is a PHENOMENAL  DEAL.  You're not going to find a better one, all this stuff for just $9.91?

BBQ Grilling Gift Set
All that for just $9.91!

And who doesn't love a cutting board in the shape of a pig?

This is available at Sam's Club and I'm sure it's a limited time offer kind of thing, available for as long as supplies last.  Don't wait too long, they're going to be gone before you know it.  These kits just went on sale and when I went in to pick one up today just after the lunch hour, the display as you entered the store was nearly picked through.  I'm sure there are more kits stashed in the back, but that's how fast these things are going.

This is a winner of a gift made available by Sam's Club, it's a deal you just can't pass up - it's only $9.91!.

Dad, husband, boyfriend will have a VERY Happy Father's Day receiving this great gift.

This deal gets 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap stars!

$pend Wisely My Friends...

BBQ Grilling Gift Set
Also available online for shipment to/pickup at your favorite Sam's Club

I hope you appreciate the shopping tip!

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